Learning how to lead, learning the systems, the practices, the techniques of leadership is one of the highest forms of self-care for a female entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about responsibility, boundaries, expectations, and how your growth and self-care ultimately lead to the growth, development, and success of others.


  1. It’s intuitive and instinctual for women to care for, nurture, and support people.
  2. Taking on more responsibility is fun!
  3. Having boundaries is selfish, unkind, irresponsible, not thoughtful, mean even.
  4. Female entrepreneurs and boundaries with their team.
  5. You can build leadership practices that are informed by your own feminine integrity.
  6. Keeping boundaries, even when it’s hard.
  7. Stop accepting other people’s expectations as your responsibilities.
  8. How your self-care is the growth and development and success of others.

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For most women, when we are invited to study leadership the teachers, scholars, authorities, and models are primarily… men.

We are indoctrinated from the time we are born that men lead and that natural male characteristics are the strengths you must also possess to be a good leader.


Dear Women,

On this Women’s Equality Day I have something on my mind. Deference.

I watch so many grown, smart, strong women defer their decisions, opportunities, and lives …to men.

I’ll be honest, growing up in a single-mother household, this was not my life experience.

My mother did not defer…

Did you know that you can always reinvent your business?

I hesitate to say RE-invent only because it almost says that we’re doing something again. But it’s actually less about RE-inventing and more about IN-venting.

We have all been very infused with what we think the world, life, leadership, and…

In the evolution of a leader, there are several phases of leadership. What phase are you in and do you feel like you’re struggling? Today we’re talking about getting to that level of leadership success where you’re attracting team members who genuinely want to thrive with you and will do so over and over again.


  1. The different phases of leadership.
  2. The first phase of leadership.
  3. The growth phase of leadership.
  4. The juice that drives the growth of your business.
  5. Why leadership is not narcissistic.
  6. The reward phase of leadership.
  7. What servant leadership is.
  8. What has given leadership such a bad reputation.

To read the show notes, including a full transcript of this episode, CLICK HERE.

Kris Plachy

Kris is THE thought leader & expert for leading & managing a high-performing team as a woman CEO.

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