Leadership as Self-Care

Kris Plachy
Sep 12, 2021


Learning how to lead, learning the systems, the practices, the techniques of leadership is one of the highest forms of self-care for a female entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about responsibility, boundaries, expectations, and how your growth and self-care ultimately lead to the growth, development, and success of others.


  1. It’s intuitive and instinctual for women to care for, nurture, and support people.
  2. Taking on more responsibility is fun!
  3. Having boundaries is selfish, unkind, irresponsible, not thoughtful, mean even.
  4. Female entrepreneurs and boundaries with their team.
  5. You can build leadership practices that are informed by your own feminine integrity.
  6. Keeping boundaries, even when it’s hard.
  7. Stop accepting other people’s expectations as your responsibilities.
  8. How your self-care is the growth and development and success of others.

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Kris Plachy

Kris is THE thought leader & expert for leading & managing a high-performing team as a woman CEO.