Should I Be Paying People More to Hire or Keep Them?

Kris Plachy
2 min readAug 25, 2021

Are you enjoying the hiring and talent crisis we’re experiencing right now?

Instead of getting upset or throwing money at the situation, let’s do a quick analysis of what matters to YOU, so you can get back to going about your business.

We’re talking about keeping an open mind in order to be creative, resourceful, resilient, and determined in today’s episode (and the FINAL episode) of the Lead Your Team Podcast for Female Entrepreneurs.

(Yes, you read that last part right!!!)


  1. We are in a talent crisis.
  2. Do a quick analysis of what matters to you — what am I missing? What am I willing to change? What am I willing to consider? What am I willing to pay?
  3. Accept that the way you attracted and hired people in the past probably needs to change.
  4. You hire people to deliver a result. What is the value of that result to you and to your company?
  5. Are the results that you have committed to in your business realistic in this current market?
  6. Do you need to change where you’re going in order to find people?

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Kris Plachy

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