Reinventing Emotional Powerlessness for Women

Kris Plachy
1 min readSep 22, 2021

Throughout my time as a coach, I’ve noticed a pattern of powerlessness when it comes to women. This is not only in their relationships with men, but also within themselves, and this general lack of power often leads to victimhood.

Additionally, being an entrepreneur often pushes women to completely unexpected leadership growth which can cause challenges in their partnerships. Because in order to be the women needed to run their businesses, they have to stand differently in their relationships with their partners.

Let’s look at what it means to take back your power — to be the truest version of yourself, and how that can help you as both a person and a woman running a business.


  1. Different behaviors that can result from being a victim.
  2. About being a victim of your employees’ behavior.
  3. Fear around being powerful — around not being the victim, but to being the director of your life and your business.
  4. The story of the monkeys that were separated on an island by a huge wall.
  5. Affecting change for women around the world who are living in environments with little opportunity.

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Kris Plachy

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