How Employee Accountability Fosters Entrepreneurial Self-Care

Kris Plachy
2 min readSep 29, 2021

Many of the women that I work with struggle when it comes to holding team members accountable. But the truth is that accountability is one of the greatest forms of self-care that you can create for yourself as a business owner — even when it’s difficult. When you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re not taking care of your business. Period.

In this week’s episode of the Leadership is Feminine podcast, we’re digging deep into the archives of my old podcast, How to Lead for Female Entrepreneurs, to bring you a relevant and timely episode that we thought worthy of another listen, given our theme of Leadership as Self-Care.

Let’s re-imagine what it means to hold others accountable, thus treating ourselves to more of the self-care that we deserve as women, business owners, and human beings.


  1. What ‘accountability’ really is and when it can actually be a positive thing.
  2. How a lack of accountability can lead to mental and physical exhaustion.
  3. A client story that demonstrates the relationship between accountability and self-care.
  4. The importance of creating clear expectations for your employees and showing them how to win.

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